Managed Applications

Experience the transformative power of our streamlined lifecycle management, designed to provide sustainability and reliability for your scientific applications.

Running Science from A - Z

Application Lifecycle Management

By integrating automation, providing robust support, and managing scalability, we create a streamlined, hassle-free environment for your laboratory to thrive.

Application Monitoring & Alerting

Amplify your work with our vigilant application monitoring and alerting services, proactively identifying potential issues before they impact your operations.

Application Maintenance & Support

Lean on our IT team for, ensuring your scientific applications perform optimally, adapt to changing requirements, and remain relevant.

From application lifecycle management (ALM) over active monitoring and alerting to dedicated maintenance and support, we cover all the bases to ensure your scientific applications stay optimized and resilient. Our ALM service oversees every phase of your application, facilitating continuous enhancement and seamless integration of updates. Through diligent monitoring and alerting, we preemptively identify potential hiccups, safeguarding your workflows from disruption. Our maintenance and support services, on the other hand, guarantee that your applications adapt to evolving operational needs and maintain peak performance. 

Adjusted to your environment

Our services extend to applications hosted on-premises and in the cloud, giving you the flexibility and peace of mind you need in today’s dynamic biotech landscape.

Ready to take your applications to a new level?

Our team will provide a thorough analysis and offer tailored solutions that will ensure your lab continues to operate and .